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Reports and Dashboards

Data Visualization

We work with you to make sure you are getting full value from your information, including building custom reports and dashboards that show you your business the way you want to see it.

Planning and Forecasting

Deliver Business Intelligence

Based on our real experiences, we develop best-in-class solutions for delivering the business intelligence you and your team need. These solutions are custom-tailored to your industry and business culture and give you the insight to make an impact to your business.

BI and Data Warehousing

Our team has extensive technical knowledge in data discovery, data warehouse design, ETL, and implementation using platforms that include:


Andavi Analytics works with hundreds of different platforms and tools. We have the technical expertise needed to consolidate your universe of data and provide best-in-class solutions.

Industries include:


Spirit Industry




Food Manufacturing

Convenience Stores

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Integration and Automation

Andavi Analytics’ Analysts-For-Hire provide short and intermediate-term skilled data analysis professionals at an affordable cost. This service leverages industry and client-specific knowledge plus a team of data analysts to provide custom and all-encompassing Business Intelligence, driving better business decisions for you.

Andavi’s team of analysts offers:

Custom Reporting

Custom dashboard and data visualization reports

Report Training

Report building and dashboard training

Constant Support

Managing and assisting stakeholders in data integrity, best data practices, and data-related projects.

Analytic Review

Analysis of KPIs, lighthouse accounts, opportunities for growth, and lost accounts

Growth Support

Improving Goals/Forecasts

Special Supplier Features

For beverage alcohol suppliers, installing SRS, data integrity, and chain audits

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