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Andavi Solutions Technology Partnerships

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Andavi Solutions is built upon a world-class tech stack in order to give your business the most advanced tools to succeed. Each of our solutions are designed with our customers’ needs in mind.

Chatter Collaboration


Field Sales Mobile App

Get the job done no matter where you are. Our field sales mobile app run seamlessly on all internet browsers and mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows 10. Utilizing the same credentials as our standard browser environment, the mobile app is available in offline mode and can also be installed from the device’s app store.

Best of all, it works with the devices you already have:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Apple Macbooks
  • Windows 10 Tablets
  • Android Phones
  • Chromebooks and Pixel Books
handshake iconCollaborate with Your Entire Organization
  • Stay in touch, from anywhere, anytime
  • Share winning strategies
  • View key account photos
  • Discover recent developments
Connectivity From Anywhere
  • Work seamlessly offline
  • Sync critical data quickly
  • Geolocation aware
  • Camera and library integration
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Capture Key Insights
  • Record Account Visits
  • Create Objectives
  • Update Customer Data
  • Survey Key Accounts

As part of the Nielsen Connected Partner program, the TDLinx account universe can be embedded into our platform. TDLinx provides suppliers, wholesalers, and marketers with universal coverage and unique codes for every store in retail trade channels and for every outlet in on-premise trade, with over 770,000 stores/outlets and more than 9,800 accounts. It is updated daily and delivered automatically at regular intervals.

 Benefits of TDLinx include:

  • Carefully curated and cleansed database of all licensed beverage alcohol accounts in the USA
  • Common account identifier for combining GreatVines data with Wholesaler and Nielsen Scan data for robust analytics
  • Cleansed account name, address, etc.
  • National account hierarchies
  • Sophisticated class of trade information
  • Many more attributes are available, with actual attributes depending on pricing and licensing
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Salesforce Lightening Platform

Salesforce Lightning Platform is the leading cloud framework for business application development. It automates critical processes, extends your business, and becomes a social enterprise. Our CRM is designed to leverage all the benefits of Salesforce customization and extensibility such as automation and workflow, email integration, direct marketing, comprehensive API services plus much more.

Salesforce Lightning Platform and GreatVines

Several of Andavi’s core application functionality and data management, other than reporting and analytics, is developed on and powered by the Salesforce Lightning Platform. The GreatVines Mobile application (version 1) was built upon the Salesforce Mobile SDK, and has been recognized as a leading partner app for innovation. Customers benefit from the same updates and improvements as all Salesforce platform customers, which means faster innovation, more reliable services, and a user experience that is always ahead of the curve.

Technology Partners

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equinox technology partners logo

Over the last eight years Equinox has applied its industry and tech expertise to implement GreatVines for clients with volumes ranging from a few thousand to the better part of one-million. Since 2012 they’ve offered integration and data collection services, making it easier to evaluate and choose the right tools to make sales teams more competitive.

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ID Systemes in Bordeaux, France, resells GreatVines in France and select European Markets. They have rebranded GreatVines in French as “iDCrmPro” and have excellent staff capable of selling, installing and supporting GreatVines in French with many customizations specific to the French Market.

Nectia is a regional partner and service provider in South America with expertise in Salesforce, Monday.com, and other cloud applications. Their purpose is to support the growth of the clients and the work of their collaborators through technological innovation focused on people, improving their quality of life. Nectia works with customers in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and other markets in the region.

Microsoft’s Power BI allows you to create rich, interactive data visualizations from multiple data sources and share important business insights that drive success. Easily work together, collaborate on reports, and share insights across popular applications.

TARGIT offers powerful business intelligence solutions and expert support to help you maximize the value of your data. Create interactive dashboards and reports across data sets with TARGIT’s self-service analytics capabilities. Complete with drill-down capabilities and intelligent agents that monitor changes in your data.

WhereScape’s data warehousing automation software speeds up data infrastructure time to value to give business leaders the data they need.

GreatVines Dashboard with GoodData

GoodData Embedded Analytics

GoodData, the leading cloud-based analytics distribution platform, embeds powerful reports and dashboards directly into our applications. GoodData integration delivers specific and configurable sales, activities, survey, and other critical information to each user in real time. Leverage the transformative power of cloud analytics to supercharge the results of your sales and marketing efforts.

Beyond the full suite of packaged analytic capabilities for every module within the platform, our CRM also delivers a powerfully integrated data model in conjunction with GoodData’s Advanced Analytics Query Engine. This innovative data model allows users to derive complete insights from what would otherwise be disparate data sources. Understanding how sales activities directly affect sales volumes is a powerful insight unique to our CRM. GoodData is the engine that drives this capability.

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greatvines gooddata example of sales report
gooddata margin recap by brand report
gooddata revenue by account report

Chatterbox Collaboration

Salesforce Chatter is fully integrated into our CRM application and supports real-time updates to help you become a modern, social enterprise.

Your Chatter Social Network Comes With:

  • Realtime Status Updates
  • Executive “Tweets”
  • Follow Accounts, Files and Programs
  • Share Best Practices
  • Announce Big Wins
  • Mobile Photos
  • Strategy and Product Groups

Now it’s easier than ever to collaborate across geographies, teams, and hierarchies. Chatter gives every employee a voice and the tools they need to be productive and successful. Wondering what Chatter could do for your business?

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Data Integration Services

Uniform data and the ability to move it effectively and efficiently across all relevant systems is essential to the success of Andavi Solutions. That is why we carefully develop data integration services, processes, and practices that achieve and maintain control over critical data such as Products, Customers, Inventory, Sales Orders, and Pricing/Financial datasets.

Our Data Integration platform can load data from third-party data providers, such as Nielsen and VIP, into our solutions to provide a complete picture of customers and sales across the 3-tier supply chain. This data includes retailers, national account chains, wholesaler inventory and depletions, and Sales to Retailers (STR/RAD).  We also load data from all of the leading beverage alcohol depletion and account providers, such as Nielsen TDLinxVIP/BDNEquinox, and Piñata. By leveraging the technological strengths of Salesforce plus platforms such as GoodData and Amazon AWS, our team is able to focus on solving sales execution and beverage distribution challenges for our customers, leveraging powerful servers, storage, security, and authentication.

Data Integration Platform

Our data engineering teams leverage industry-leading Cloud and Big Data integration solutions to ensure client data is handled with the utmost care and efficiency. A highly-configurable, scalable, cloud-based Extract/Transfer/Load (ETL) engine loads data from all relevant applications and data sources into our solutions.

Hosting and APIs

Our Solution Data Integration modules are hosted by Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud Computing or EC2, where data is consumed, transformed and migrated on a nightly basis by industry leading tools such as SnapLogic and Pentaho Kettle. These data services send and receive data via web service APIs and Secure FTP flat files to load into the GreatVines, Salesforce, and GoodData repositories.

Integration Points

Our Data Integration module provides several standard data feeds to load Product, Customer, Inventory, and Order data from client ERP and external BI systems. We provide pre-built, customizable integrations to load client data from a wide range of ERP and Business Intelligence systems, such as SAP, QuickBooks, AMS, Diver, MicroStrategy, and many others.


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