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Adult Beverage CRM and Workflow

GreatVines comes loaded with proven methodologies for driving your sales execution strategy. Plan, analyze, log account visits, track activities, and schedule future visits easily with our beverage alcohol industry-built CRM.

Sales Operations Management Features

With GreatVines, you and your team will have access to tools such as:

  • Sold and Unsold Account Universe with map-based account location
  • Key Account Segmentation (TDLinx compatible)
  • Account Contact Info database
  • Invoice-level Retail Account Depletions (RAD)

Sales activities include:

  • Product Displays and Features
  • Menu and POS Placements and Merchandising
  • Promotional Events and Tastings
  • Presentations and Staff Trainings
  • Order Commitments
  • Retail Ads, Scans and Incentives

Sales Goals and Objectives

Managing sales goals across sales reps and accounts has never been easier. Easily enable administrators to set, execute, track, and measure goals that drive any strategic imperative.


Goal Management Module Features

Use the Goal Management Module to identify sales and activity goals across target accounts using an intuitive and simple design interface.

Identify Goals

Identify realistic sales and activity goals

Organize And Simplify

Keep goals and target account organized and simplified

Deliver Visibility

Deliver access and visibility into key performance indicators

Monitor Progress

Real-time updates for instant decision-making

Strategize Possibilities

Countless combinations of strategies possible

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Sales Management Pairs well with Digital Collaboration

Three-tier communication and data sharing

Foster stronger relationships with key national accounts

Survey individual outlets for compliance and highlight issues with actionable reports and ability to scorecard results

Gain deeper insight with the ability to manage and report against an alternative chain hierarchy

Combine authorizations with your syndicated depletion data to measure performance versus your plan

Retail Surveys and Scoring

The GreatVines Survey Module goes beyond information gathering; it lets you use point scoring, audit performance, and analyze the results to actively improve your execution in accounts to ultimately drive sales. Save time and effort with quick, precise, and meaningful insights needed to improve your team’s execution in the field.

Retail Surveys and Scoring Features

Easy-to-use Interface

Makes creating surveys simple and saves administrative time


Survey options are fully customizable for your individual needs

Mobile Friendly

Allows you to effortlessly capture and submit surveys on-the-go, wherever you are

Photo Validation

Photo taken from your device lets you enhance survey answers


Analyze survey data based on location of the account

Informed Analysis

Measure by directly comparing performance metrics and KPIs to results

Auditable Surveys

Ensure greater accountability with auditable surveys for sales managers and administrators

Gauge Performance

Track performance over time and calculate score variances vs. original surveys down to the individual question

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Case Study

RNDC Achieves Greater Visibility and Fortifies Supplier Relationships

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Product Finder Maps

GreatVines customers may add an embedded Google Map-based Product Finder to their website(s) providing up-to-date location data for all recent On-Premise and Off-Premise “Accounts Sold” locations.

Help Consumers Find Your Products Wherever Sold

  • Quick Integration
  • Fully Customizable
  • Increase Brand Visibility and Demand

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