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Planogram Automation

Save hundreds of hours with high-performance automation, streamline operations, improve efficiency, and make better use of your resources.

 Automate tasks such as:

  • Optimize Inventory for Days of Supply
  • UPC Swap
  • Product and Shelf Placements
  • Layout design
  • Space optimization
  • Load Product, Performance, Market Data

Filter your planograms by retailer, state, and department


Create uniformity in store coding


Easily view your planograms

Planogram Viewer

Planogram viewer tool helps visualize and manage product placement and shelf layout in retail stores. By creating a usable format, it help retailers create virtual representations of store shelves and optimize product arrangements to increase sales and improve the shopping experience for customers.

High Resolution SVG Images

Distribute Planograms

PDF Print Capabilities


PSA Extraction

Easily extract planogram data and join it with enterprise data sources including POS, Product, Store, Warehouse, Syndicated data, and more for analysis and audits utilizing the PSA Extract tool.

  • Extract data from PSA files for quick reporting and analysis
  • Expose the data to your organization’s existing BI platform
  • Update Planograms based on decisions and finalized performance data
  • Show change over time

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Planomart pairs well with Analytics

Identify Your Universe of Data

Assortment Optimizer

Optimize the selection of products offered in your stores with the Assortment Optimizer, utilizing algorithms, rules, and data analysis to automate and determine:

  • The most profitable combination of products
  • Identify optimum inventory needed next cycle
  • Confirm items to be reduced, maintained, and expanded and new items to be introduced
  • Identify the winners and losers and any category trends
  • Make informed decisions about which products to stock and where to place them within the store
  • Maximize sales and profitability 
  • Improve the shopping experience for customers

Planomart Processes in the Relay Cycle

See how Planomart fits into each aspect of the process with its different modules and solutions

STAGE 1: Pre-build

  • PSA files from previous builds
  • Collect performance and market data
  • Identify new product intros and discontinued
  • Retailers establish rules
  • Distributors communication to Cat. Capt.
  • Suppliers analyze PDF files
  • Cat. Mgr/Table Capt
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STAGE 2: Build

  • PM helps prep files for drawing, JDA
  • Planomart inspects completed files
  • Build Planograms
  • Validator (internal or external) or buyer
  • Execution of strategy

STAGE 3: Post-build

  • Audit builds
  • Verify builds
  • Gap reporting
  • Non-compliant builds rejected

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