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Aggregation and Reporting

Pricing collection, aggregation, and reporting with near real-time data.

  • Automated processes save hours and reduce labor costs
  • System processes daily authorization data to identify item status

The majority of adult beverage wholesalers are already using and benefiting from Pricing Gateway


Active distributors


Wine and spirits suppliers


Beer suppliers

Publish and Subscribe

Save hours of labor dealing with manual inspections and email searches with Pricing Gateway’s Publish and Subscribe.

Whether you’re a Supplier, Distributor, or Retailer, you’ll benefit from the subscribing and publishing features:

  • Users receive daily scheduled pricing updates
  • Data validation procedures catch potential pricing errors and save time for all users
  • Suppliers receive automated “push” reports, providing complete information at regular intervals
  • Ensure that distributor submittals are complete
  • Secure web application eliminates the exposure that emailed spreadsheets allow

Build efficiency by centralizing all pricing information in a single & secure repository

Retailers receive complete pricing information sent electronically in the format they require

Suppliers have visibility of their distributors’ pricing of their branded items

Price Availability

Instead of dealing with constant pricing changes, stay up to date with the most accurate pricing with on-demand, daily uploaded prices.


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