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KPI Management

Streamline performance agreements and KPI execution results with BevPath.

With BevPath, you can:

  • Create and share consistent brand KPIs
  • Quickly analyze performance and results
  • Build efficient planning and reporting across your supply chain
  • Improve strategic alignment across multiple markets
  • Automate approvals and reporting through our industry-leading analytic and dashboard tools
  • Save time and improve sales with thorough communication
  • Harness real-time digital collaboration at your fingertips
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Bevpath is a truly differentiated offering that has allowed us to improve execution in the marketplace, key to our commercial strategy and helping us meet our corporate goals.  Bevpath allows us to document and communicate specific KPI’s to our partners, allows those partners to clearly see priorities and execute, then allows us near real time access to actual results by sending us the distributor’s execution data. It’s absolutely new, different, and amazing.

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Digital Collaboration Pairs well with Sales Management

The beverage alcohol’s CRM for your national sales management


The benefits of BevPath

BevPath enables Suppliers and Distributors to execute their strategic activity at retail through one connected platform.

Suppliers gain access to:

  • Brand KPIs, goals, objectives, surveys, and activities
  • Infield sales execution
  • Dedicated API connections, security, and permission controls

Define. Approve. Execute.

BevPath is at the center of a full circle processenabling partners to easily collaborate.

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Know. Success.

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