How to Achieve Superior Beverage Sales in 2021

Tops of Bottles of Wine

With another year underway, we turn our sights toward ensuring this year’s sales effectiveness and efficiency efforts can endure through a climate of constant change. Whether your sales organization has 2 or 2,000 people, we’re certain that focusing on the following activities will give you the leverage you need to achieve superior beverage sales.

3 Objectives to Achieve Superior Beverage Sales

1. Set Better Goals and Establish Strong Metrics for Reporting on Results

  • Focus goals on leading indicators that strategically drive your sales – like Key Accounts sold, National Account authorizations, displays installed, placement features, supporting POS, or staff trainings conducted (virtual or in-person).

  • Make results versus goals visible to reps and execs alike.

  • Define your brand’s “Perfect Account”; support this methodology with survey scores and goals to measure progress.

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2. Improve Account Relationships with Best Practices

  • Utilize Account attributes via CRM to segment and target your efforts. With a changing marketplace your brand priorities are evolving. Track Key Accounts that are open, note who’s offering curbside pickup or delivery, hosting virtual events, or doing online sales.

  • Capture names and email addresses of key people in the trade to keep them up-to-date with relevant content on a regular basis, such as seasonal releases, new product information, invitations to virtual events and tastings, etc.

  • Analyze activities executed versus Account sales data to determine which activities are driving your business and which ones are just eating up time and budget.

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3. Strategically Execute Spend to Drive Growth

  • Expect Sales and Marketing teams to plan and detail their trade and Distributor programming in advance to provide visibility to everyone in the organization and tie activities to budgets.

  • Set your pricing support strategy through the 3-tier system all the way to the consumer. Track prices and depletion allowances by channel. Use dashboards and reports to find opportunities.

  • Prioritize visibility into how much an account paid for a product, including the no-discount price. This will save time and avoid surprise bill backs from your distributors.