Was Your By-the-Glass Program Worth It (or Not)?


Congratulations, your wine made it onto a restaurant’s coveted ‘by-the-glass’ list. This business accomplishment is worthy of celebration! That is until the overall financial impact of the program comes into question.

Common BTG Placement Questions

  • Did the discount result in reaching or exceeding sales goals?
  • Are the distributors staying true to the intent of the incentive?
  • What did the BTG placement end up costing us?
  • Did the program achieve its target ROI?
  • Was the volume and exposure worth the discount?

Was Your BTG Program Worth It?

Inefficient tools and old-school strategies have created blind spots and barriers preventing timely insights about BTG programs. Uncovering accurate answers surrounding BTG placement cost questions and truly knowing if your BTG program was worth it (or not) comes down to one thing: visibility into your total spend.

Gaining 100% visibility into total spend is the best strategy to manage a profitable BTG program that drives lift, results in net revenue goals, and positively impacts your sales at the shelf.

The Power of Visibility

Managing a BTG program built on efficiency, transparency, and accountability will unlock actionable insights and result in strategic, data-driven decision-making. Only by gaining complete visibility into the total spend of your BTG program can you:

  • Gain Clarity: Quickly identify inaccurate invoices throughout all sales regions and communicate discrepancies confidently.
  • Improve Accessibility: In a single click, you can access pricing, spending, incentives, and price per case.
  • Take Control: Check the accuracy and effectiveness of your programs in real time and adjust when needed.
  • Analyze Pricing: See real, up-to-the-minute deal pricing (with accurate results) by state, distributor, market, brand, and product.
  • Centralize Data: You work from one version of the truth. Financial system integration helps validate pricing and compliance in one centralized location.
  • Automate: Using actionable data to configure optimal pricing models and automating approvals to fulfill Distributor deals is standard procedure.
  • Maximize Technology: Retire your spreadsheets! Select an industry-specific software platform designed for the unique needs and challenges of the adult beverage Andavi Solutions has offerings that help Suppliers, Distributors, and Retailers digitally collaborate to sell more effectively.

Unlock Visibility and Insights

Relying solely on third-party depletion data, outdated Excel data dumps, and spreadsheets riddled with human error will not produce the accurate and timely answers you need for your BTG program. Thankfully, technology advancements and industry-specific software solutions make it possible to unlock valuable insights and enhance visibility surrounding trade spend.

Tradeparency, for example, is a closed-loop pricing, promotion, and depletion allowance management solution built specifically for the complex demands of the three-tier distribution system. The intuitive platform seamlessly brings Finance, Sales, and IT Teams together to drive price cohesion, processing, and collaboration. Tradeparency provides the entire organization with a single and fully comprehensive view of trade spend, replacing time-consuming manual processes and delivering unmatched control and visibility over your bottom line.

The power of Tradeparency paired with Andavi’s extensive Adult Beverage knowledge and CPG experience uniquely positions brands to report and analyze the performance of every trade dollar. With insights into the whole promotional picture at your fingertips, you will know once and for all if your BTG program was worth the investment.

To get one-step closer to a spreadsheet-free solution, click here for more information about Tradeparency.