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What’s the Secret Ingredient in Highly Productive and Efficient Beverage Sales?

Beer in a Glass

For a sales organization being outperformed by its competitors, it can feel as though markets are capricious and unfair. After all, the underperforming organization may have the best tasting products on the planet and be using many of the same distributors, strategies and practices as its high-performing adversary. So why do some sales teams thrive while others stagnate? The secret to achieving the productivity and efficiency that drives a successful sales program lies in a “not so secret” ingredient: collaboration. In fact, the “3-tier system” requires it! But, what does this really mean? It is definitely a buzzword tossed around in nearly every industry. In the beverage alcohol industry however, there is a concrete means for ensuring collaboration occurs and is optimized for maximum effect.

While the concept of collaboration itself is no secret, there is a solution element within the GreatVines beverage selling solution platform that could legitimately be considered an undiscovered or even “secret” ingredient to achieving the kind of collaboration that results in more and better beverage sales.

It goes by the enigmatic name, “Activity Recap Email Solution” and it is available to GreatVines customers as part of the robust sales execution and reporting tools and features within the platform. Have a gander at this new product sheet detailing how customers can use the Activity Recap Email Solution to extract maximum value from all sales efforts. Read how this feature enables sales teams to easily communicate in real-time with 3-tier partners or internal management team. Learn all about how this feature keeps all stakeholders connected and on the same page with detailed reporting on all activities as they happen in the field so that nothing slips through the cracks. Not one drop!

Then, avail yourself of this secret weapon in the battle to capture market share, establish preferred status with your partners and outperform the competition every time!

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