Stormbreaker Mobile Improvements May 2021


In our Stormbreaker release now includes version 2.3 of the Serenity Mobile Application, which includes a number of sync and performance improvements, as well as new features that our customers have been asking for.

Faster Sequence Loading

Users will notice a significant increase in load time when starting an Account Call sequence. In the past, most users were experiencing a slowness because the app was still loading data for the Activity Timeline. This process has been optimized to focus performance on the Sequence and immediately stop any background processing which may cause a delay in loading.

Sequence Step Name Overrides and Filtered Listviews

GreatVines administrators can now apply a custom name for their Sequence steps, as well as select an Object listview to be used as the default list of data for an Account Call Sequence “Activity Listview” Step. Examples of this use case are showing only Open Objectives, filtering visibility records such as Displays or POS Placements by date or even status, or Incomplete Order Commitments. Simply create a new Salesforce listview with the appropriate filters, then Serenity will save the listview to your device and pre-filter it to the Account you are visiting! Filtered lists will be displayed offline for the Account Owner or Chatter Followers of that Account.

Support for multiple Account Call sequences

Serenity now supports multiple Account Call sequences matching the Account criteria. You can now create a different Account Call Sequence for the same Account attributes (Segment, Geography, Record Type) which the user can select from a list. Examples include Day or Night account visits, or Phone Call vs In-Person Visits.

Chatter Follows from Search

In order to help Managers and Users who are not part of an Account Team to save mobile Accounts for offline use, Users can now click the “Row Menu” from Search results to “[Chatter] Follow” Accounts (also known as an “Entity Subscription”).

Homepage List Refresh and “Add” Icon configuration

Users can now quickly refresh their homepage lists with a new list icon, rather than starting a full “Manual Sync”. This can be helpful when users want to refresh lists of Tasks, Objectives, Events or other Home List Views that have different filter criteria. GreatVines Administrators also have an additional checkbox on the Listview Metadata allowing them to show (checked) or hide (unchecked) the “Add” icon on Home List Views.

New Survey Selection screen and ability to delete incomplete surveys

The original “Select a Survey” picklist has been replaced with a new “Survey Selection” screen, containing tiles for each available Ad-Hoc or Assigned Survey Plan, along with the relevant Start and End dates for each Plan. These tiles or cards may be enhanced to include additional data in the future

Sales Order Inventory changes, Keyboard and Backorder support

The Serenity Sales Order page now includes full access to the Backlog custom setting and applies additional Item Inventory restrictions where appropriate. Users will no longer be able to place orders for Items which exceed available Inventory unless the “Backorder” feature is enabled. Users can also navigate the “Add Item” modal window with their keyboard more effectively to speed up order entry, as well as seeing the available quantity as a placeholder inside the Quantity field.

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