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Beyond Depletion Allowance: The Top 8 Mistakes Wineries Make With Pricing Management

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Every winery/importer has the same ultimate goal with pricing management: knowing the true net dollar sales amount of your wine. Now of course, that means getting a solid, comprehensive handle on everything (and we mean everything) gross-to-net…

Learn How RNDC Gets Results Within the 3-Tier System

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It’s widely known that the 3-tier system within the beverage alcohol industry presents a unique set of challenges. RNDC partnered with GreatVines in 2013 to help solve those challenges in a way that would benefit them long-term. Over…
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Experiential Marketing Part Of Your Brand Strategy?

Brand activation – campaigns, events, or experiences enabling your brand to engage directly with consumers – is a hot strategy in beverage alcohol sales these days. Building a loyal brand community around your beverage via…
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Tips for Top Performers

You can hire top-performing salesmen and women with the most impressive track records of sales success in their prior jobs. But do you ever wonder why they’re looking for new employers in the first place? Often it is because,…
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Great Way to Boost Wine Sales in a Competitive Environment

Getting your wine into the chain accounts is a well-worn strategy for promoting the label to larger, retail audiences. Sweet-talking sommeliers into including your labels on their lists in well-known restaurants is another, more…
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Is Your Sales Solution Flexible Enough

  The intricacies of the 3-tier system for alcoholic beverage distribution most certainly qualify as the kind of complex business process GreatVines (and automation technology in general) is designed to automate. Want to…
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Pace of Change Cements Need for Better Tech Tools

Continuing the trend after a banner year for all liquor sales, the beverage alcohol industry is expected to continue to exhibit growth. However, part of that growth is due to a diversification and the emergence of new, products…
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Nielsen and GreatVines Agree on Shelf Space Strategies

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As was recently noted by a Nielsen representative, “Distribution has a near-perfect correlation with sales volume and there’s a lot of pressure for your product to be on the right retailer’s shelves across channels while maximizing…