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A Mobile Evolution for GreatVines

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GreatVines Application on all different platforms

It’s been 15 months since I first introduced Serenity to the GreatVines community. Our newly formed Serenity Task Force has worked with customers and partners to test early releases of the application and help guide the development of our next generation mobile solution. After two years and thousands of development hours, I am thrilled to announce that Serenity is being released to our customers! And yet the work has only just begun.

As part of my role at GreatVines, I have been extremely close to this new application since we began development, and our entire team has been passionately working to deliver the best mobile experience for our users across a dozen different use cases and global markets. I believe that Serenity represents our commitment to leverage the best web standards available today, and to set us up well for the future.

I recently had the opportunity to produce five new videos that highlight the functionality and flexibility of Serenity across different devices and formats. The consistency of the user experience – from my personal Android phone, to my 6 year old iPad, to my brand new Google Pixel Chromebook – was astounding. And I can seamlessly use Serenity on my Windows 10 laptop or desktop for internal meetings and customer presentations.

Support for Progressive Web Applications remains a shifting landscape in 2019, particularly with Apple and iOS devices, which ironically is where the concept was first born for iPhones. I linked to Google because the videos and descriptions are compelling, and the guiding principles are exactly what we aspire to:

  • Reliable – Load instantly online or offline
  • Fast – Respond quickly with smooth animations and no awkward scrolling
  • Engaging – The app should feel “native” and “immersive” regardless of platform

Part of our delay in releasing Serenity is that we wanted it to be much more than a simple redesign of GreatVines Mobile. We took this opportunity to build in our new Account Call Sequence capability as a core module for launch, and have already seen tremendous excitement around the possibilities of this feature. Customers can now tailor user experiences that provide strategic sales guidance and best practices built into the natural flow of the application. Early testers have already given us dozens of ideas for Call Sequence improvements over the next year.

While Serenity ships with a brand new Photo Browser and Content repository, we already have huge plans to improve them further. We also want to bring aspects of Serenity, such as the new Activity Timeline and Call Sequences, back into the desktop Lightning environment for even greater consistency and usability. But already, users who move to Serenity will see a drastic increase in performance, access to data and listviews, as well as a significantly smarter sync capability – including true background sync on Android, Windows Chrome and Chrome OS.

Attend our next Sales Execution Summit (date TBA) to get a full preview of our updated Roadmap. In the meantime, I’ll continue to post articles introducing our new concepts as they come to life, such as Account Plans and our next generation Survey capabilities.

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