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Account Call Sequences Help Optimize and Streamline Retail Execution

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We have all had experiences with onboarding at a new company. It can be exhausting, confusing and frustrating to remember all the things we learn in sales training, not to mention acclimating to new systems, processes and procedures. Then add to that the complexity of the beverage alcohol market, including legal compliance, product alignment, channel partner coordination, and the sheer fact that many Key Accounts don’t want to be bothered or even engage with you in person.

There is no question that a repeatable and quantifiable sales process focused on the right sales drivers and KPIs will deliver growth. But training and documentation can only go so far to ensure consistency in the field. The best sales reps will develop a process that works for their sales style and within their market. But unfortunately those are also the people who change jobs more frequently, which brings us back to the challenges of onboarding.

If you are reading this article, it means that you already believe in a CRM-based sales strategy, and ideally are already using GreatVines to track Key Account sales activities, Brand Activation and Visibility, Trade Spending and Sales Goals. As part of our global rollout of the new Serenity mobile application, we are finally able to deliver an exciting new feature that customers and partners have asked us about for years, particularly in international markets.

We have always offered our Users, Managers and Administrators a solution that was infinitely configurable to align with their sales strategy. Your CRM data and reports can be built around a dozen fields and attributes, or literally hundreds of complex calculations and metrics. Successful adoption in the field meant that users must remember (or be encouraged) to follow best practices by logging Account Visits, capturing specific Contact or Activity details, or scheduling Follow-up reminders.

On Premise GreatVines Dashboard

Our new “Account Call Sequence” capability offers customers the ability to design precise, strategic steps for each Account Visit recorded in GreatVines. Steps can be required or optional, and the entire sequence can be customized to the Account channel, segment, geography, or even the unique user profile! Customers looking for even more rigid control can also enforce the order of the sequence steps so that users are not encouraged to bounce around during the call.

With the myriad of Sales activity options in GreatVines, as well as embedded reports and dashboards, each Call Sequence will help Suppliers, Distributors and even Promotional Agencies to employ consistent data capture, Account engagement and follow-up, to ensure greater alignment with corporate sales objectives and goals.

Each Call Sequence is rendered in a beautiful and intuitive fashion so as to ensure a thorough Account review that includes your most relevant and important activities.

New Account Call Sequence


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