Dragging the Wine Business into the Data-Driven Present

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Ben Salisbury said out loud what many in the wine industry know but would rather not admit.  “In perhaps the most competitive consumer product category on the planet, the sales strategies being employed by most wine producers are broken.”

In a video recording from the recent WITS event, Salisbury doles out a bit of tough love to the assembled audience of wine industry leaders, explaining what’s broken and why the sales strategies conceived 20 years ago simply won’t continue to serve as they may have in the past. Ben illustrates how product training is being mistaken for sales training. He highlights the lack of discipline among an alarming percentage of wine sales organizations when it comes to data-driven planning, structuring of processes, account segmentation and more.

Watch the video above to gain critical understanding about the connections between business intelligence and sales results, how modern technology like GreatVines helps fuel sales growth and boosts productivity harnessing sales data and best practices. Salisbury provides insight and instruction into how to leverage tech tools to leverage the proven-effective 80/20 rule, measuring the right indicators and enforcing accountability among the team.