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As a “do-it-youselfer”, you’re the type of person who derives gratification and a sense of accomplishment from taking your fate into your own hands and not relying on others to help you achieve your goals. But just because you do things for yourself doesn’t mean you have to make the magic happen with nothing but your own two hands. A do it yourself home improvement job is nearly impossible without things like a hammer and a saw. So are tools required to successfully DIY when it comes to selling more product?  I say, “You bet!”

Let’s say you already know in your bones that the DIY model is the only way to build your business.  How do you go about “DIYing” an effective, profitable sales program?

Let’s draw a comparison to achieving your physical fitness goals. To improve your physique, you wouldn’t just go outside and run around all willy-nilly thinking that random running is going to help. While any physical activity is helpful, you could do so much better!

If you developed a training schedule and adopted a methodology for speed training versus endurance training on distance and mix in weight training and yoga, you could then gauge which activity worked better for you. You’d ask yourself which activity provided the most benefit.  You’d track how far and fast you run and how often. You’d establish goals. You’d regularly get on a scale – measure results.  You’d do even better by adding some tools to your program to help optimize your activity. State of the art running shoes, wristbands that count your steps each day, scales that send your weight to your computer for charting, smartphone apps that log your calorie intake or compare your times on each daily run vs your friends’ times. Heck, physical fitness tools is a billion dollar industry!

So why is it that when you want to grow your beverage business, you open the door and start running around to accounts like a drunken, novice parkour enthusiast, without declaring what you want to achieve, establishing a plan to do it and in the absence of tools to measure your progress? Like physical fitness, selling is simple to do, but isn’t often done well without the use of some key tools. It is important that you know what you want to achieve, but don’t overlook the value and utility of choosing the right tools (like GreatVines) to make a plan, work your plan and measure results in an organized manner.

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