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Leverage CRM to Boost Your Sales Strategy Now and Post-Coronavirus Closures

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While our landscape is changing daily around us, leveraging sales tools for success is more important than ever. In order to quickly adapt your strategy, it’s important to have technology like a CRM that provides flexible insights and actionable…
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Stop Depending So Much on Your Distributors

There’s a popular but delusional belief in the wine industry that distributors will build your brand for you. Same goes for spirits and beer suppliers. It seems a reasonable assumption on the surface. After all, that’s how it’s been done…
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4 Ways to Manage Wholesaler Changes to Come out Ahead

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin Change is inevitable. It’s also an opportunity to grow.  To make the best of…
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3 Ways To Improve Sales Execution With Social Media

When our partner Salesforce.com first introduced “Chatter” and “Social Contacts” as part of their new Social Enterprise Platform in 2011, I was already hooked. In his Dreamforce keynote a year earlier, CEO Marc…
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Smart Sales Goals for 2016 – 3 Strategic Examples

As we close out 2015, now is the time to lock in your  goals for 2016. Make a New Year’s resolution to stop setting goals solely for lagging sales indicators like shipments, and focus on implementing effectual sales goals for…
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5 Easy Ways to Implement Basic CRM and Why You Should

We hear technology experts talk about “CRM” or Customer Relationship Management as a critical part of any company’s sales strategy. Harvard Business Review reported that companies who implement CRM increased sales 10%…
Predictive Analysis and its connecting components

Predictive Analytics: What It Is & How it Works

One of the main reasons why any organization invests in business intelligence solutions is so that they can make well-informed decisions backed by real-time data and accurate analytics. Your technology should take into account the past and present…
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Data Privacy: What’s the Big Deal?

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For those in the private sector, collecting customer information serves as an incredible tool to not only engage with your customers, but to also cater to their needs. The amount of information that prospects are willing to give you also allows…

IoT — Is it the Next Digital Revolution?

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There was once a time when the idea of having a device in your pocket that could make phone calls was unheard of. Then, there was a time when the Internet was just going to be a short-lived idea that only benefited scientists and researchers.…