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What Does “BI Solution” Really Mean?

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Have you ever been having a conversation with a consultant, but were unaware of the buzzwords that kept being brought up? Often times in the business intelligence industry, this is the case. However, we understand that an informed consumer is…
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Is Your Business Intelligence TOO Complex?

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A major part of maximizing your business intelligence solution is the ease in which you’re able to use it yourself. Of course, if you have an independent BI team that is managing all of your tools, then the need to understanding the inner…
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Mobility & Production: The Now & The Future

Mobility in the workplace is a trend that has been on the rise since we were able to bring smartphones and tablets into the office. No longer reserved for phone calls, smartphones have become the secondary screen of choice for most, behind…
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4 Major Misconceptions about The Cloud

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The rise of cloud technology, applications and its other components have totally flipped the technology industry on its head. Businesses and individuals have both benefited from the cloud’s ability to store their data wirelessly and in a way…

Why Tech-Savvy Suppliers And Distributors Have An Advantage

The technology available in the Beverage Sales market today has created two camps that are both competing for the same sales and customers. Some companies stick to old formulas, often implemented several decades ago, and rely on…

How to “Go Deep” and Steal Market Share

According to the National Restaurant Association and the U.S. Census Bureau, this summer saw Eating and Drinking Place Sales in the U.S. , an indicator of how much consumers are spending in the on-premise, grow to its highest point on record.…

How GreatVines made the “Shift” to faster data processing

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Redshift is a massively parallel processing (MPP) columnar database system that was recently added to Amazon’s stack of cloud services. It is often brought up in the context of “Big Data” (think: scanning through Petabytes…
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Aptean BI – Business Intelligence Review

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Aptean announced at its Edge conference a corporate BI platform in QlikView. One size will fit all. Pre-integrated dashboards ready to go; you could change them but then that is your responsibility. These were the messages regarding Aptean…
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Business Impact Launches a Cloud BI Solution

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This week we launch our Business Intelligence solution for the cloud – Business Impact’s SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution.  Clients often ask us, why BI in the cloud?  What does business intelligence in the cloud do for my organization? …