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GreatVines Nielsen Product Survival

Utilize GreatVines to Follow Nielsen’s Checklist for Product Survival

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Launching a product is a multi-faceted endeavor that takes careful planning and execution. But have you considered what comes after? Sustaining product velocity is essential, but not easily practiced unless you have the right insights and…

New Quarantine Analytics Dashboard Available For Customers

Snapshot of the Dashboard Summary Screen Ensuring our customer’s continued success is our highest priority here at GreatVines. We know that events that have transpired this year, including the Coronavirus quarantines, have undoubtedly…
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Leverage CRM to Boost Your Sales Strategy Now and Post-Coronavirus Closures

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While our landscape is changing daily around us, leveraging sales tools for success is more important than ever. In order to quickly adapt your strategy, it’s important to have technology like a CRM that provides flexible insights and actionable…
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7 Steps to Smart Goals: A Guide to Higher Achievements in the New Year

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2020: A new year AND a new decade. It’s inevitable that a fresh calendar brings new energy to your beverage alcohol sales strategies. It may be simple to make a list of goals, but harder to transform them into reality. It takes focus to…
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Spread Too Thin? Keep Goals Manageable and Simple to Win

A jack of all trades and master of none is almost always consigned to a subsistence living. To really attain the pinnacles of success, one must be possessed of an almost preternatural ability to focus on the few, critical success…
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GreatVines & Inventiv Announce Deep-Link Technology Integrations

April 25, 2018, St. Helena, CA –Just ahead of the Wine and Spirits Wholesale Association (WSWA) annual convention in Las Vegas, GreatVines and Inventiv, both leaders in cloud-based sales technologies for beverage suppliers and distributors,…
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Evolving Distributors Winning with Tech Solutions

So many brands, so little time. Our industry has become highly diversified and there’s too much to keep track of without a technological assist. Today’s larger suppliers manage dozens of brands each with its own series of strategic…
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Cost Analysis of Distribution Programs

By setting smart goals, companies can save 50% of their investment on sales driving programs. An obvious leading indicator of sales is distribution. The thought is, the more accounts sold, the more volume will follow. This is…
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Setting Smarter Goals Elevates Performance

We’ve all been taught since grade school that success follows a predictable pattern. Set goals. Pursue said goals. Measure performance. Succeed! However, setting goals alone is not enough to ensure your success. In fact, setting…