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New Quarantine Analytics Dashboard Available For Customers

Snapshot of the Dashboard Summary Screen
Ensuring our customer’s continued success is our highest priority here at GreatVines. We know that events that have transpired this year, including the Coronavirus quarantines, have undoubtedly made an impact on business.

This shift inspired us to create a tool that would give extra support to our customers, called the Quarantine Analytics Dashboard. This new tool has been developed with curated metrics to better understand and manage the impact the last several months have had on business as a whole, and is included at no additional cost with Enterprise or greater GreatVines licenses.

Quarantine Analytics Dashboard

With this tool, GreatVines customers will be able to quickly visualize how their top accounts are faring and execute against the most important opportunities in a timely manner. They’ll be able to find and use actionable items from their data to better manage their business and provide clear direction to their team, all in one space.


The Dashboard Includes:

  • Three customizable date ranges for organizing and analyzing data into before, during, and after quarantine periods.
  • Weekly and Monthly performance by Channel, Market, and Accounts.
  • Highlighted key metrics including volume, accounts sold, and points of distribution by period.
  • Last Activity and Last Order by Account.
  • Account-level Sold/Not Sold by time period.
  • And more…

Account List Snippet


A Selection of the Accounts View, Sorted by Last Order Date

It’s our goal to help our customers utilize time and resources more efficiently by clearly identifying actionable trends and opportunities for time periods of their choosing. We’ve also included a section which calculates when a particular market’s quarantine started and stopped based on weekly sales data, to provide a time frame if it was previously unknown.

Quarantine Analytics Rolling Twelve


Snapshot of the Dashboard Rolling 12 Screen, Showing Volume and Accounts Sold by both Months and Weeks

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