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The Next Big Thing: TARGIT 2k13

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Business Impact hosted last month ViewPoints, our customer appreciation day in Napa, where we invited our partner TARGIT to present their new product, TARGIT 2k13 – coming out this summer (expected in June). We were all excited to finally…

Snapshot Tables Data Warehouse

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Often our customers ask us to capture a specific point in time – say inventory or how much they are owed in Accounts Receivable – so that they can refer back to it later. Of course, this can be recreated by rolling back all the transactions…

Microsoft’s Master Data Management as a system?

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Master Data Management (MDM) is important because dirty data means poor adoption, poor decisions and poor BI, but to think of it as a separate system is very difficult.[quote align=”right” color=”#999999″]Imagine SAP having to accept…

Stock out counts and other inventory balances

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A client recently asked why their measure for Zero Inventory Counts (stock out counts) was running long, and you’d think getting a list of times you didn’t have inventory would be easy. Except, it depends on how you are figuring that out.…

Identifying Product Line Profitability through Landed Cost Analysis

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Edit: The webinar is closed for registration (February 5th 2013) Establishing landed costs for the products that a company handles can be a tricky business. There are freight costs, but they are not generally by SKU. There is trade promotional…
Authorization placement example greatvines software

GreatVines National Account Authorizations and Mandates

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Welcome to the first in a new series of website posts dedicated to cutting-edge new features of GreatVines and Force.com in 2012. Hopefully by now you are already aware of and utilizing our new “Account Call” capability, affectionately…

How Your Business Can Become A Social Enterprise

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Chatter is changing the way employees collaborate with one another. New, young sales reps grew up on the internet. This is how they communicate. This is how the world communicates. Now available for your business. Contact GreatVines to…
Bottles of Brandy and Whiskey

Using Technology to Sell More Cases

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When you are in sales, time is money.  The more time you spend selling, versus other administrative activities, the more you will sell.  So, what are the 3 things sales reps absolutely need at their fingertips to make the best use of their…

10 Questions Suppliers Must be Able to Answer

What is your most important sales initiative this year? Do you have measurable goals in place that indicate your success and how are you doing against those goals? Which are the most important accounts for your brands? “Fine…