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How Your Business Can Become A Social Enterprise

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Chatter is changing the way employees collaborate with one another. New, young sales reps grew up on the internet. This is how they communicate. This is how the world communicates. Now available for your business. Contact GreatVines to learn how Chatter from Salesforce.com is an integral part of the GreatVines user experience, from real-time team collaboration, to triggered alerts and shared content. Let your data talk to you!

Whether you know it or not (or even like it) websites like Facebook and Twitter are shaping the way we think about data and communication. No longer do you need to search through piles of disparate, disconnected information sources – today the data you need comes to you! We all have strong feelings about how Facebook connects us or who it connects us to, or how Twitter overwhelms us; but you can not dispute the power of information within a business. At one level or another, you are probably on this website because of a need for a CRM solution – relationship management, and relationships are founded on communication.

The great news for all GreatVines customers is that Chatter is embedded fully within our application and available today  – and you can now enable Chatter access for all employees in your organization for free, including mobile support!