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Business Intelligence and Data Masters Use Technology to Solve Major Wine Industry Pricing Challenge

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NAPA, CA — Business Impact developed Tradeparency as an answer to one of the biggest challenges wineries and wine importers face in today’s market — pricing.   With years of experience helping wineries and wine importers…
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How to Improve Your Distributor Sales Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) in 3 Easy Steps

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) are essential to the supplier-distributor relationship, especially in the highly competitive and fast-paced three-tier wine industry. For sales managers, every quarter can seem like déjà vu with a constant…
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5 Ways to Cover the Common 30% Gap in Wine Margin Management

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Depletion allowances (DAs) are often the “name of the game” in three-tier wine industry pricing. That’s because DAs make up the majority of promotion and price discounting at the distributor level. DA’s are an agreement between the…
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Tracking Success of the Top 5 Wine Sales Promotions: BTG, Quantity Discounts, Closeouts, Incentives, and Samples

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In the three-tier wine industry, there are a variety of pricing and promotion strategies you may implement with a distributor in hopes of driving more sales. But, do you know which discounts are worth it? Which ones work the best and when…
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Use Dynamic Account Sets for More Intelligent Sales Execution

Account Sets, or targeted groups of Accounts, have been a part of our platform for quite some time now. Many customers incorporate them into their strategic planning to focus specific activity against the right Accounts, primarily within…
GreatVines Nielsen Product Survival

Utilize GreatVines to Follow Nielsen’s Checklist for Product Survival

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Launching a product is a multi-faceted endeavor that takes careful planning and execution. But have you considered what comes after? Sustaining product velocity is essential, but not easily practiced unless you have the right insights and…

Learn How RNDC Gets Results Within the 3-Tier System

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It’s widely known that the 3-tier system within the beverage alcohol industry presents a unique set of challenges. RNDC partnered with GreatVines in 2013 to help solve those challenges in a way that would benefit them long-term. Over…
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Work From Home Strategies When Circumstances Demand It

Whether it was last weekend or many years ago, we’ve all been in that one dive bar with a heavily graffitied bathroom and hand soap in a condiment bottle. The draft beer seems questionable when you see the bartender constantly dumping…
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7 Steps to Smart Goals: A Guide to Higher Achievements in the New Year

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2020: A new year AND a new decade. It’s inevitable that a fresh calendar brings new energy to your beverage alcohol sales strategies. It may be simple to make a list of goals, but harder to transform them into reality. It takes focus to…