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Scale Weighing More vs. Less

🛑 Wasting Sales Time

Contrary to common sense, you can sell more of just about anything by having the discipline to ignore most customers. Ask the nearest sales leader or sales person, “What is the key to selling more?” You’ll probably get…
M&A with big fish about to eat a smaller fish

GreatVines Supports M&A Activity for Alcoholic Beverage Companies

  Shanken News Daily’s article titled, “Craft Spirits Continue Bull Run, With More M&A Activity On The Horizon” details the growing wave of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity occurring within the alcoholic…
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GreatVines Proven-Successful Implementation Part 2

Nothing is more damaging to a beverage sales force than undertaking the effort to deploy a sales process automation solution that fails to live up to its potential. There is a lot that can go wrong during implementation of such…
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Tips for Top Performers

You can hire top-performing salesmen and women with the most impressive track records of sales success in their prior jobs. But do you ever wonder why they’re looking for new employers in the first place? Often it is because,…
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Pace of Change Cements Need for Better Tech Tools

Continuing the trend after a banner year for all liquor sales, the beverage alcohol industry is expected to continue to exhibit growth. However, part of that growth is due to a diversification and the emergence of new, products…
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The POI’s Recommendations Mirror GreatVines

A widely regarded report from an influential industry analyst organization contained recommendations for suppliers and distributors that could have easily been cribbed from the pages of GreatVines papers, studies and posts. Read…
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3 Ways To Run Sales & Trade Marketing

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Successfully leveraging beverage sales tools like GreatVines to improve retail execution and marketing efficiency relies heavily on data analytics. In fact, most industries adopting automation and management software rise or fall…
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How Data Visibility Keeps Employees Honest

  The Russian proverb made famous during the Cold War says, “trust, but verify”.  Pragmatic advice that can be applied to nearly all activity and across walks of life. When it comes to managing million-dollar beverage…
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Hand Selling Meets Sales Automation

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Beverage Media Group’s Zachary Sussman writes an article on the burgeoning significance of “hand selling” niche varietals. The explosion of consumer interest in new and exciting beverage experiences, he describes in an article…