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Are You Using an Old Sales Process in a Modern Environment?

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Customers have direct access to information and availability of every product under the sun right on their laptop, tablet or phone. As a result… You and your sales reps have less leverage and control in the sales process than ever before.

Your engagement with a buyer needs to be succinct and highly relevant to ensure you meet your customers needs and your organizations sales goals. Does your sales team have the tools it needs to be most productive in this modern environment? It’s time to adapt or risk falling behind.

The beverage industry has changed.

Before the immense changes that occurred this year, the beverage industry had already been transforming.

The quantity of products in the market has increased, making it even more difficult to get share of mind from buyers. More brand and line extensions launch each year, more craft products gain interest, more importers try new markets, and more suppliers call directly on accounts. Buyers don’t have time to sit in meetings all day while the information they need to make product decisions is all available online.

Distributor consolidation has created a lopsided ratio of distributors to brands. Less distributors mean less distributor sales reps, and less opportunities for a brand in a large distributor portfolio. Suppliers large and small automatically have to work smarter in this environment. Even though self-distribution and third-party options exist, they still bring their own challenges and limitations that require the greater use of technology.

Communication has also changed. Where once there were predominantly phone calls or in-person meetings for orders, there are far more quick asks made through less formal means of communication like email or text message. The lack of structure between accounts and reps has facilitated quick, simple requests.

How do you succeed in today’s market?

Adopt the right technology to drive the best execution possible in this modern sales environment. Your competitors already are.

What to look for in your technology:

  • Automated – saves time on processes

  • Focused – right products, right activities, right time

  • Informed – provides calculated and strategic direction

Selling in more effectively is critical. You need to be able to present the right product in the right place at the right time, because it’s not necessarily the best product that wins, it’s the best execution. Being valuable to the buyer is the most important thing you can do, which means doing more than just presenting your brand.

In a time where every move is critical, you should be going beyond just calling on the market. Perform strategic activities, facilitate opportunities that bring value to your business, and measure success of initiatives. Accounts will buy your product if you don’t waste their time, quickly execute against their requests, and only present products they need.

You need a sales process that works for you.

Adapting to modern practices with technology will lead to more positive outcomes for you and your business. Failing to adopt it will let your competitors and other brands prevail.

Even though the beverage industry is traditionally built on relationships, perhaps what’s become more important is the quality of the interactions with those relationships. The addition of technology exposes opportunities for higher value returns.

Your sales process should be:

  • Intelligent – analytics that show you the right opportunities

  • Streamlined – everything all in one place

  • Measurable – quick and relevant reporting

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