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GreatVines Makes Promotion Optimization Institute’s 2016 Vendor Panorama

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The POI Analysis Evaluates Leading Software Solutions for Retail Execution

St. Helena, CA – Monday, July 7, 2016 – GreatVines was included in the Promotion Optimization Institute’s (POI) 2016 Retail Execution Vendor Panorama report. The POI is a respected industry association which serves its members comprised of manufacturers and retailers.

The POI’s Vendor Panorama provides qualitative analysis into a market – in this case solutions for retail promotions optimization – and its direction, maturity and participants. Only those organizations making significant impact on their industry are considered for inclusion and GreatVines was among the industry leaders evaluated in this year’s report.

Evaluation criteria for solutions includes such considerations as company viability, track record, deployment capabilities, market understanding, vertical strategy, and company vision. The individual product assessments weigh such factors as product aptness and delivery flexibility, solution completeness, user experience, graphics, analytics & reports, dashboards, alerts and overall configurability.

The report commended GreatVines for the solution’s analytics and highly configurable deployment capabilities noting, “Because it is so tailored for the analytical requirements of the adult beverage subsegment, it is literally in a class by itself. Few, if any, other retail execution tools we have seen have this level of functionality. The level of expertise and delivered functionality for this space are unrivaled.”

The POI also commended GreatVines’ “extensive change management approach from before, during, and after implementation including suggestions for measuring results,” which they described as helping them (GreatVines) “stay on top of emerging requirements as though they have many more than 80 clients.” The POI also called out GreatVines’ notable key differentiators which they described as having excellent “depth of functionality for adult beverage sub-segment with expertise in multi-tiered distribution, including depletion data integration, deep functionality for gamification across multiple functions that is way beyond leaderboards.”

“GreatVines is proud to have been selected for evaluation and inclusion in this report,” said John Collins, CEO of GreatVines. Collins continued, “Inclusion in this analysis validates the enormous effort our team has invested in fielding a truly world-class solution for cloud-based beverage sales execution and trade marketing automation.” Collins noted that being reviewed alongside leaders in their respected fields such as Accenture and SAP in this year’s report underscores the level of success and credibility his organization has attained.

To access the report, please click here.

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