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Plan, Manage and Measure


We believe that GreatVines is game changing for the Alcoholic Beverage industry because it brings best-of-breed CRM with Business Intelligence and Sales Management capabilities such as Sales Goals and Activity Goals. So many of these tactics are managed through conversation and spreadsheet today, leaving little room for accountability and too much room for inconsistency. These three simple steps can be Transformational for suppliers and distributors of all sizes. Set your goals and objectives, follow the progress of your Sales team and report on the numbers, all from one convenient solution.

Planning is the easy part, but often not done completely.  What are the KPI’s (key performance indicators) for your brands and people, and have they been communicated?  What are the budgets and programs available to the sales team?  GreatVines enables goals to be set for shipments, depletions, RAD/Accounts Sold, as well as activity goals like number of staff training’s, new cocktail menus or by the glass placements.

Managing is the execution piece, and the most critical.  It’s typically done on the fly.  Managers and reps need visibility into their plans, goals, results, target, sold and unsold accounts, activities and other analytic reports and dashboards to be able to execute efficiently.  What accounts are you targeting to deliver your plan?  Have they been presented to?  Where are your best opportunities.  What are the best practices that can be shared to the rest of the team?  You may have the best tasting brand in the world, with a great plan, and lots of resources, but if you don’t execute your plan with excellence, you will not achieve your potential.  Its all about execution.

Measurement is not just a nice to have, it is required to manage your business.  GreatVines delivers state of the art analytics backed right into the solution.  Don’t just review macro reports on your business, but view dashboards on every account in the system.  We deliver visibility like you have never seen in this industry!