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Reasons to Switch to the Lightning Experience in GreatVines

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In anticipation of the coming opportunity for GreatVines customers to migrate to the latest Salesforce UI – the Lightning Experience – we’ve compiled this list of four reasons to switch to Lightning.

#1 Improved Mobile Application

Salesforce’s new Lightning Design System reflects the patterns and components that underpin the Salesforce product. These patterns and components provide a unified language and consistent look and feel when designing apps and products within the Salesforce ecosystem. GreatVines’ new Serenity mobile application is built on the new Lightning design framework which means any and every customization that happens within Salesforce is immediately accessible on any mobile device via Serenity.

#2 Usability

There are many user interface improvements and refinements to the user experience in the Lightning Experience, it’d be hard to list them all out in this post. But here are a few of the more tantalizing facets of the new version that add to its overall ease of use and user satisfaction.

  • Lightning makes it easier and more efficient to juggle multiple tasks, records and activities with a tabbed browsing-style method for easier navigation between numerous tasks.
  • In the time-savings and efficiency department, Lightning provides the ability to perform quick mass actions instead of requiring tedious redundant keying of actions involving multiple accounts.
  • Quick text lets users insert predefined messages into macro instructions for faster, more intuitive input of data into text fields.
  • Helping streamline and declutter users’ screens, Lightning delivers collapsible records pages eliminating the super long page and the need to scroll so far down to find the information required.

#3 Collaboration

The Lightning Experience helps sales teams engage in the collaborative activities proven to improve sales efficiency. Lightning’s new “Community” framework enables companies to easily and intelligently interact with their customers and partners for an unparalleled experience.

Through a strategic partnership with Microsoft, the Lightning Experience marries CRM functions with the world’s leading productivity suite. Lightning is accessible now through Outlook and eliminates the extra steps to toggle between these two programs. Lightning can sync with both Outlook and Google to keep contacts and calendars up-to-date for more streamlined interactions between users and their customers.

#4 Innovation

Salesforce earned its industry-leading reputation by delivering exceptional levels of innovation. GreatVines earned its stripes by mirroring this ethic as it relates specifically to beverage sales processes. When you switch to the Lightning Experience, you’ll access the latest innovations as they are released, getting each and every new Lightning improvement as it is made.

The innovation doesn’t stop there either. There are more than 150 third-party apps available that are “Lightning Ready” expanding the range of options for users to improve productivity and organization.

Always in pursuit of continuous improvement, GreatVines is energized by these developments and we’re sure you will be too. Look for more information from GreatVines or ask your implementation specialist for details on how the Lightning Experience will benefit your operations.

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