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Tech Helps Alcohol Producers Take Charge

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Strategies for driving sales and trade marketing success in the beverage industry are as important to a burgeoning regional producer as they are to the world’s largest, most well-known portfolios of brands. It is our contention that automation software is critical to success in today’s ever-increasingly complicated business environments. Whether you identify more as a smaller but growing producer or established global concern, there are impediments you face when it comes to properly leveraging the powerful technologies at your disposal.

For a growing supplier organization that may not yet have decided to implement a technology solution, the challenges are likely rooted in not knowing what you don’t know. After all, you’ve built your business to its current level of success without the aid of fancy software. However, without data standardization and visibility into performance, that comes with modern tech solutions, you may not even realize how much money you’re leaving on the table in your sales and trade marketing activities.

For the well-entrenched market leading supplier, the technology problem is a different story.  Having been in the beverage alcohol space for some time, almost all large producers have implemented some kind of technology tools. Whether they be older management software, depletion management tools, pricing programs or what have you, the fact of the matter is, there have been advancements and convergences in computing that have rendered single-function solutions obsolete. Especially in comparison to today’s top solutions (like GreatVines – built atop a Salesforce.com backbone) that have automated the beverage sales and trade marketing process in all its multi-faceted glory. While older guard solutions tend to focus their efforts on automating single sales levers, modern solutions address all the key sales levers of the beverage alcohol industry.

“In a competitive industry like beverage alcohol, any opportunity to gain competitive advantage must be closely examined” says a quote from the white paper, Driving Sales and Trade Marketing Success in the Global Beverage Industry (see sidebar). We highly recommend beverage companies of all sizes and compositions review this paper. It is packed full of insights to help growing providers still using manual processes realize why the time is right to embrace technology solutions to supercharge their growth.

At the same time, the paper also elaborates on the most contemporary sales and marketing best practices a macro producer can adopt to outperform in very competitive markets. Learn how cloud computing solutions yield efficiency and efficacy through superior account identification, distribution strategy, account activation and trade marketing automation.

Regardless of your size, the time is right to apply automation technology to sales and trade marketing management for beverage alcohol producers.

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