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Use Sales Analytics to Plan for On-Premise Reopenings

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Since the onset of Coronavirus we’ve covered work from home strategies and how to leverage CRM to boost sales. Analytics play a key role in strategy development as well, and we want to offer guidance on how you can use important data to plan for on-premise reopenings.

Reopening of On-Premise Accounts

Reopening strategies will vary from region to region, making it essential to strategize ahead of time. Where businesses may not have been prepared a few months ago, we can now attempt to forecast out with reporting and analytics tools.

Social distancing is here for the foreseeable future, and on-premise locations will be adapting to government mandated safety protocols, including limited seating capacity.

Things to Watch

  • As consumers warm to the idea of venturing out, be cognizant of locations that continue to offer takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery. Outdoor seating will be a big draw, as summer weather entices people outside.

  • Keep note of the businesses that were successful with their off-premise strategy, as they’ll be more prepared should establishments again be required to close.

  • Not all on-premise Accounts are created equal, and just because they’ve reopened doesn’t mean they’ll be successful. Evaluate your high quality Accounts for purchasing patterns to be able to more accurately determine which products to present.

Where To Focus CRM Activities

Measure account activities via CRM, as the data will help you strategize more accurately on both local and national levels.

  • Who’s going to open, when, and in what capacity?

  • Are the Contacts you have in GreatVines still at Accounts?

  • Are there new decision makers and influencers?

Our customer Republic National Distributing Company, or RNDC, has decided to dive into these topics by utilizing our Survey Module to track accounts to answer these questions.
“We’ve taken a very proactive and aggressive approach to preparing our internal teams and our customers for reopening in the on-premise channel. Our sales reps and account managers are utilizing GreatVines to survey their accounts, collecting valuable information about planned reopening dates, services to be offered, along with any specific account needs.
This information allows our sales teams to plan route and resource optimizations, gives our sales reps accurate timing for their account pre-planning, and our operations teams visibility for their planning on resourcing in the warehouse and re-aligning delivery routes.”
Bill Smith – RNDC Director, Sales Performance

Utilizing Analytics

Recent events have shown that adopting technology is necessary to stay competitive. Right now, leaning on tools that help you plan are an essential element that will keep you afloat when the on-premise floodgates open. Adopting technology that includes reporting and analytics is the easiest way to not fall behind your competitors.

Analyzing data is only helpful if you use relevant sources. GreatVines is set up for daily data integration with leading data providers, like Nielsen Beverage Data Network, giving visibility into retail sales and wholesale depletions (RAD or STR). With the integration of CRM, GreatVines offers a complete, real-time view of the customer not available with other solutions or reporting tools.

What Data is Most Relevant and Valuable Right Now?

  • Which Accounts are open or plan to open?

  • When will Accounts be open?

  • What product mixes are doing well and how will order behavior change?

  • How will on-premise openings affect off-premise velocity?

  • Who are the current Contacts to engage with?

Once you’ve made your plan and executed your strategy, you’ll be able to measure performance and make adjustments as needed. If you’re a supplier you’ll be able to collaborate with your distributor partner more effectively. For distributors and promotional agencies, this is exactly what you want from your supplier partners.

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