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Introduction to Tradeparency – Webinar

  Watch this recorded live, 25-minute demo to see Tradeparency in action. Get a complete understanding of how the full cycle of pricing, depletion allowance, and promotions management can be centralized for unmatched visibility. Please…
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The Wine Import Business: Proactive Pricing in an Ever-Changing Market

Importing wine to the North American market is a complex business. While essentially managing two separate sets of books—one for international suppliers and one for North American distributors, you’re now also dealing with all the new challenges…
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Learn How RNDC Gets Results Within the 3-Tier System

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It’s widely known that the 3-tier system within the beverage alcohol industry presents a unique set of challenges. RNDC partnered with GreatVines in 2013 to help solve those challenges in a way that would benefit them long-term. Over…
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Rémy Cointreau Drives Success in Already Growing Segment

We read with great interest the recent news from Wine & Spirits Daily regarding Rémy Cointreau’s 6.5% organic sales increase in the Americas for the recently concluded fiscal year – a healthy year-over-year sales increase…
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Beverage Suppliers, We Got a Slingshot for You!

New and emerging suppliers of alcoholic beverages can relate to David in the parable of David and Goliath. Trying to break through in an industry dominated by a handful of immense and growing conglomerates can sometimes feel like…
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Nielsen and GreatVines Agree on Shelf Space Strategies

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As was recently noted by a Nielsen representative, “Distribution has a near-perfect correlation with sales volume and there’s a lot of pressure for your product to be on the right retailer’s shelves across channels while maximizing…
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Avoid Joining the 85% of New Products that Fail in the Marketplace

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Nielsen recently announced a new statistic: 85% of new products fail in the marketplace. This startling number should get all of us thinking. We all want to be successful, and we get paid to build successful brands.  What…