` 5 Ways Tradeparency Overdelivers Compared to Price 2.0

5 Ways that Tradeparency Overdelivers Compared to Price 2.0

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The three-tier system is filled with challenges like regulatory compliances, multi-level pricing structure, and data integration that highlights your sales teams’ efforts. Your pricing solution shouldn’t be one of these challenges to overcome. That’s why we designed Tradeparency to solve your pricing structure and promotion needs and do it all with exceptional capabilities, all at your digital fingertips. 

If you’re looking to solve your Price 2.0 challenges, here are 5 reasons why Tradeparency excels:

1.  Simple tool for anyone to use 

Choosing a solution can be hard, but getting your team to use it is always harder. We make sure that Tradeparency is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Not only do we help train your staff, but we make sure you have the support you need, when you need it. You won’t have frustrated team members when using an intuitive solution, and user adoption will remain high when everyone sees the value of efficiencies in Tradeparency.

2. Industry experience matters – Wine & Spirits included

Between by-the-glass pricing, menu incentives, and depletion allowance matching, nobody knows your business better than you, but we understand the industry. Our Wine and Spirits experienced team delivers real insights, industry-leading solutions, and pricing language that matters to you. We’ve worked for decades in the industry just like your teams, so we won’t ignore the important features and key tools that matter for your business. Stop working within the confines of software that’s designed for the beer industry and start working with one that is designed for your business. 

3. Distributor Authoritarian on Pricing with Price 2.0

Your pricing strategy and discussions are key factors in your success. That’s why you shouldn’t rely on one source of truth for all your pricing data and strategy. With Price 2.0, your distributors tell YOU how to price your products, not the other way around. This means not having control on the pricing of your products or approving bill backs that you may or may not have validated or would have approved. Tradeparency lets you control your pricing structure and bill backs with automatic validation and alerts when your pricing doesn’t match your invoices.

4. Just Having Pricing doesn’t do the Policing – Ensure Compliance with your Pricing

Do you know how much you actually spent on a promotions program? Are your invoices showing you the true efforts and effectiveness of your distributors? A key measurement of sales success like this shouldn’t be only told to you by the distributor. Having visibility to the spending in each market will allow for better planning and control over future spending.  

5. Gross-to-Net Coverage – Invoicing control and consolidation

One of the most time-consuming aspects of pricing is consolidating and reconciling your invoices compared to your bill-backs. Tradeparency removes this challenge for you by automating the reconciliation part of this crucial process with alerts and checkpoints to ensure you aren’t overpaying and spending hours reconciling your invoices. Plus, it allows you to actually SEE the effectiveness and success of your programs With all your supported pricing inside of Tradeparency, you can quickly identify if Distributors are submitting invoices on unapproved or even ended bill-backs. It also allows for you to quickly pull the unsupported bill-back from invoices to communicate with Distributors. Keeps your invoices clear, organized and accurate with Tradeparency.


With Tradeparency, give your team time back to truly strategize on pricing, see the work your team can do with our intuitive system, find the money you could be overpaying, all in a system designed for your business. Start using Tradeparency for the best ROI you can find today.


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