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Survey Strategy: Apply This Methodology to Achieve More with Data

Have you noticed that your retail surveys haven’t been providing you with much value? We at GreatVines are firm believers that factoring larger strategic goals into your survey strategy are key to actively improving execution in Accounts.…
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Beyond Depletion Allowance: The Top 8 Mistakes Wineries Make With Pricing Management

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Every winery/importer has the same ultimate goal with pricing management: knowing the true net dollar sales amount of your wine. Now of course, that means getting a solid, comprehensive handle on everything (and we mean everything) gross-to-net…
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How to Achieve Superior Beverage Sales in 2021

With another year underway, we turn our sights toward ensuring this year’s sales effectiveness and efficiency efforts can endure through a climate of constant change. Whether your sales organization has 2 or 2,000 people, we’re certain that…
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Are You Using an Old Sales Process in a Modern Environment?

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Customers have direct access to information and availability of every product under the sun right on their laptop, tablet or phone. As a result… You and your sales reps have less leverage and control in the sales process than ever before. Your…
GreatVines Nielsen Product Survival

Utilize GreatVines to Follow Nielsen’s Checklist for Product Survival

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Launching a product is a multi-faceted endeavor that takes careful planning and execution. But have you considered what comes after? Sustaining product velocity is essential, but not easily practiced unless you have the right insights and…

Learn How RNDC Gets Results Within the 3-Tier System

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It’s widely known that the 3-tier system within the beverage alcohol industry presents a unique set of challenges. RNDC partnered with GreatVines in 2013 to help solve those challenges in a way that would benefit them long-term. Over…
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Work From Home Strategies When Circumstances Demand It

Whether it was last weekend or many years ago, we’ve all been in that one dive bar with a heavily graffitied bathroom and hand soap in a condiment bottle. The draft beer seems questionable when you see the bartender constantly dumping…
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7 Steps to Smart Goals: A Guide to Higher Achievements in the New Year

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2020: A new year AND a new decade. It’s inevitable that a fresh calendar brings new energy to your beverage alcohol sales strategies. It may be simple to make a list of goals, but harder to transform them into reality. It takes focus to…
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Foster Growth by Treating Your Dashboards Like a Well-kept Garden

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Veggie gardening has been an interesting road for the Cittadini clan, and in an odd way strangely represents the challenges our customers have in maintaining their analytics Dashboards. We have a small piece of property…