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“Homers” – Leverage Data to Hit It Out

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A wise man (well, okay, it was Homer Simpson) once said, “Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” To coin a Homeresque phrase, we might modify the toast like this: “Here’s to GreatVines data visibility – the source of well-focused objectives and the solution to meeting and exceeding them.”

In another kind of “homer”, Rick Breslin, the founder of Hello Vino, Inc., knocked it out of the park when he posted a quick anecdote to LinkedIn, illustrating a remarkable best practice we’ve always evangelized here at GreatVines. Rick writes, “Using data and guest insights to determine what appeals most to Cubs (baseball) fans, we identified Lagunitas as a key brand.  We added Lagunitas to 27 taps at select locations in the ballpark.”

This perfectly encapsulates one of the core ideas behind GreatVines beverage selling solutions. Leveraging data to uncover opportunities for increased sales, testing strategies to realize the potential for improvement and measuring the results to replicate the winners.

With a platform designed to drive real-time insights into key accounts, spend data, trade marketing activity, surveys, customer engagement, brand activation and more, GreatVines puts a great volume of easily-accessible data at your disposal. With all that visibility, sales leadership is able to harness the power of what the collected data reveals and establish objectives based on actionable intelligence.

What’s more, the GreatVines solution offers visibility into both leading indicators (sales driving activity) and lagging indicators (volume and revenue results) which are both relevant to planning, executing and delivering effective trade marketing and sales campaigns with an eye on ROI.

GreatVines offers all the tools a beverage sales force needs to tease insights from the patterns that emerge in the sales execution and related results data the system collects. As a result, a supplier using the GreatVines solution can optimize their efforts and minimize the failed attempts involved in trial and error-based determinations of where to focus their attention and effort for maximum return.

There are half a dozen informative white papers shedding light onto the very types of strategies discussed in Breslin’s LinkedIn post as well as within this blog post. Visit the resources section of our website to select one (or two) to download and learn more about how to optimize data-driven insights in pursuit of more and better sales of your alcoholic beverage products.

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