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Make the Leap from Collecting Data to Harnessing It

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Collecting, organizing and archiving sales and marketing activity data using software can be truly transformative for an organization. It is a huge first step towards exerting effective control over spend, relationship management and a host of other critical success factors for beverage selling organizations. Gaining the visibility that comes with the systematic organization of information is truly empowering for sales management and field representatives alike.  However, while it is an enormous achievement in itself, it is really the first step in a broader and more rewarding transformation.

Once this momentous milestone has been reached, the data visibility and accessibility must be leveraged to support detailed and powerful reporting features providing exceptional insight into the drivers of sales growth and efficiency. GreatVines is an excellent example of the kind of tool needed to capture data on key sales and marketing metrics and then use it to identify strategic priorities for execution. However, this usage of the GreatVines solution is a more advanced level activity. It isn’t difficult, but it does require a bit of knowledge transfer between your sales organization and GreatVines experts who’d like to make use of these valuable features.

That’s why GreatVines has decided to give you the opportunity to learn how to use the solution to craft action plans, goals and objectives for better, more strategic sales execution. Interested?

Register today to watch Converting Insights into Actions, from the beverage selling experts at GreatVines. Join veteran beverage sales professionals Tim Jones and Cara Pepper Day and learn:

  • The most effective reports to review for an array of insightful metrics
  • Best practices for interpreting the data in the reports
  • How to leverage the insights gained through reporting to develop highly effective and profitable sales objectives
  • Strategies to execute and achieve those objectives

Don’t miss the opportunity to get the most from your efforts to collect and analyze your sales and marketing data. Take advantage of the subject matter experts who will be on this webinar and get busy selling!

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