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Four Reasons Why You Don’t Want a Cloud Solution for Pricing

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At times, we encounter resistance to the idea of taking beverage pricing processes into the cloud. We get it. Cloud sounds like a buzzword, and the last thing you need when trying to get your beverage product into the market is to fiddle around with a technology that purports to help you derive effective, efficient pricing profiles for all your markets served. Especially when the process you’ve been using has been so effective for all these years! So here’s a list a four reasons why a producer such as yourself wouldn’t be interested in a cloud-based tool for pricing.

  1. Because You’re Already Getting Detailed Insights from your Spreadsheet-based Pricing Strategy – Sure, gathering data from sales people across the country or even across several states, and then entering it manually into a spreadsheet is so much fun and fills your working hours with purpose. Plus drawing conclusions from all the assembled data is challenging; especially if you make a game of it. Kind of like a Sudoku puzzle! Using a cloud based tool would rob you of those long and purpose filled hours and it would almost feel like cheating to be able to use data analytics to help target customers and product opportunities more effectively.
  2. Because You Grow Much More Fond of Your Team When You Don’t Collaborate with Them Regularly – Yes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  A cloud-based pricing solution, with its collaboration-promoting features allowing work to be accessed from anywhere using pretty much any device, means you’ll be interacting much more regularly with your sales teams far afield.  And although sharing that data and being able to collaborate with the team might be better for your bottom line, that kind of familiarity breeds contempt.
  3. Because Better Customer Engagement Sounds Too Co-Dependent – Cloud solutions for pricing almost always result in fostering much stronger relationships with the customer. Are you really ready for that kind of commitment? Sure, better customer engagement means higher rates of repeat business and better margins, but are you ready to forgo playing the field?
  4. Because What’s the All-Fired Hurry? – A recent study in Wired magazine revealed fifty-two percent of leading organizations are turning to the cloud to drive more rapid innovation in products and services. Don’t these organizations know that haste often makes waste? Sure, customers may be thrilled with having regular solution updates ensuring they’re leveraging the very latest, most powerful applications to help them capture and maintain significant advantage in a highly competitive industry. But slow and steady wins the race, right?

In case you haven’t clued into it yet, the above is all written with tongue embedded firmly in cheek. All beverage alcohol producers from the small batch artisanal distiller to the macro brewer can derive exceptional efficiencies and price controls using a cloud-based pricing tool like GreatVines.  There is really no actual, legitimate argument to be made against this simple fact.

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