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GreatVines Adds Depletion and Retail Account Data

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GreatVines enhances their all-in-one sales and marketing solution by integrating depletion and retail data into their application for suppliers and distributors of wine and spirits.

GreatVines, the wine and spirits sales-management software company, announced today that they now integrate depletion and retail data seamlessly into their award-winning Force.com application. This feature allows suppliers and wholesalers to target sales efforts with the benefit of real-time measurements across multiple categories.  GreatVines is the only sales software specifically designed for the complexities of the three tier system, and includes a comprehensive, all-in-one suite of tools for relationship management, orders and depletions, business intelligence, and program tracking for key accounts and trade marketing.


“In this business, there’s so much information from so many sources. Some of it is in a database and some of it is in your head, but it is all critical,” says industry veteran and GreatVines co-founder Tim Jones.  “The more you’re fumbling with spreadsheets, diverse data sources, software programs and crinkled notes, the less you’re selling.  GreatVines provides key information at a glance so reps can execute the right activities with the right customers—and sell more.”

Kara Allen, sales specialist for GreatVines client Boisset Family Estates, expressed support for the enhancement, saying, “One of the things that sets GreatVines apart is their commitment to consolidating relevant, targeted sales tools.  Including depletion and retail data is just one more example of that commitment.  With this software I can just look at my computer screen or mobile device and know exactly what I need to do today to sell more.”

Launched in 2009 using the robust Force.com platform from Salesforce.com, GreatVines is already in use by industry leaders such as Boisset as well as many artisanal wine and spirits producers.   “Because we’re operating in the cloud computing space, there’s not the expense or headache of software setup and management,” says co-founder, Jim Thompson.  “We wanted this to be an affordable, but scalable, option for suppliers and wholesalers of any size. Operating in the cloud has made that possible.”

About GreatVines

GreatVines provides superior software solutions for producers and distributors of wine and spirits. The GreatVines three-tier trade-sales module builds upon the core capabilities and infrastructure of Salesforce.com CRM and the Force.com platform, to provide industry-specific tools, analysis, and methodologies which improve outcomes from wholesale management, key account activation, and trade marketing programs. In addition, GreatVines provides groundbreaking consumer marketing tools to effectively manage a combination of communications, events, and online offers across multiple wine clubs and brands. The cloud-based solution delivers comprehensive insight, real-time metrics, and strategically automated workflow not possible with other industry solutions. Principals Jim Thompson and Tim Jones bring over 25 years combined experience designing and managing enterprise-software solutions and working in the wine and spirits industry.

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