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Out With the Old and In With the New!

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No, we’re not talking about the New Year, although that auspicious marker of the passing of time is coincidentally relevant to the topic at hand. The relentless march of time reminds us that an unstoppable procession of evolution continues in the beverage sales industry. Not all are ready to keep pace with the change. But no one needs be left behind.

Like so many industries, technological innovation is transforming the way business is conducted in the beverage alcohol industry. What were effective, tried and true rudiments of beverage selling for the last 25 years (or more) no longer suffice when it comes to distribution strategies. For those willing and able to adopt new tech tools (and the best practices these tools enable), it is a brave new world. For those unwilling to do so, diminishing returns are all but guaranteed.

So, what does this mean to sales teams of all sizes and composition? Whether your focus is craft beer or nationally distributed wine, boutique spirits or large volume beer, there are New Rules of Thumb for Building Quality Distribution, built upon today’s new technologies. As luck would have it, that is also the name of the latest podcast from GreatVines.

Check out our latest podcast, “New Rules of Thumb for Building Quality Distribution”, moderated by GreatVines’ own Cara Pepper-Day.  It features President of Salisbury Creative Group and former VP of National Accounts for Constellation Brands, Ben Salisbury and Christian de Ryss, Managing Partner of Equinox Technology Partners, a CRM pioneer and business IT expert.  The panel discusses how the market has changed in recent years, what needs to happen to achieve quality distribution in this new environment and examines the critical success factors required to enact the needed change within your organization.

Although the focus here is suppliers, many of these new rules of thumb very much apply to distributor partners as well.  Not to be missed, this podcast tells you all you need to know to step forward into the New Year and into the new paradigm for more and better beverage distribution and sales!

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