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Right Tools for a Job Are Only Half the Battle

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Want to get the most from your implementation of GreatVines? I know you do! Yet, it is safe to say, for all the benefits you wish to gain from using this powerful solution, you’re probably only yielding a portion of what you expected to yield from automation. This is not because the tools are deficient or because the way you may be using them is wrong. The problem is, you simply don’t know what you don’t know about the tools you own and the strategies behind their development. The good news is, the detailed strategies and best practices you’d need to wring optimal effect from your GreatVines solution are made available to you with great regularity. Read on for details.

Here’s the point. Having tools does not make one inherently proficient at using them. For example, I have some really nice woodworking/carving hand tools my wife bought me for Christmas a few years back. I’d spent a week’s vacation at the beach whittling chunks of cedar bark into hearts and the names of our children. I enjoyed it, but I was never able to carve anything very intricate (like say a dragon drinking from a German beer stein). That’s because although I had these wonderful hand tools, I only had my own, crude, self-taught technique for carving hearts and characters. I had no one to instruct me on the proper usage and techniques for these tools, each with its own differently shaped and angled blade.

Similarly, there is so much functionality baked into every module of the GreatVines solution, it would be unrealistic to believe that any new user could immediately be able to manipulate the tools at an expert level. The system was built by experts, atop decades of hard-won experience in the beverage selling trade. Each feature was borne of a problem overcome by innovative thinking and a good lot of trial and error.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could hear from the professionals who designed and developed the entire platform? To learn from them, what travails they encountered in the beverage industry that underpin some of the solutions they built? What if you could hear from leading minds among producers, distributors and even other sales professionals about the techniques they employ to supercharge the output of their GreatVines implementations?

You’ll be thrilled to learn that you can hear from the experts and thought leaders both from within and outside the GreatVines organization, sharing insights, tips, tricks, perspectives, ideas, process improvements and more via GreatVines’ regularly produced webinars. GreatVines produces an ongoing series of webinars on a wide array of topics relevant to improving beverage sales and marketing. They also host regular Sales Execution Forum roundtable sessions, bringing business leaders from wineries, breweries, distilleries, distributorships and the IT field together to discuss best practices and new, innovative ideas.

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